Recreation & Pets In the animal world Wheezing and hoarse barking … From forest ditches, neck-deep in water, staring “buttons” baby Pekingese!

Wheezing and hoarse barking … From forest ditches, neck-deep in water, staring “buttons” baby Pekingese!

Salvation “toy” Pekingese

Days give way to a new day, and stories of rescue animals.

What else is new with people wishing to get rid of their Pets?

And what incredible efforts of will to resist them tireless volunteers? ..

Let’s see …

Forest adventure dog Capa

The cold October evening. Maria and her husband are driving along the edge of the forest. The nearest village is a few miles around.

And then something happened. Somehow both felt the urge to get out of the car. Stopped the car, got out, decided to eat at the same time in nature.

Suddenly I hear some grunts if someone, or whining. Then I heard a hoarse “until” – and again silence. We started searching, came across a deep forest ditch, full of dirty swamp water. And from there, in the middle, the guys you’ll see two frightened imploring eyes-buttons!

It was a little Pekingese girl, old. Shivering, it is unknown how many have sat in my cozy pit where it scored good owners. Own little feet wander that far from the people she just could not!

Abacus was half-blind and half-deaf. But in spite of this, quickly came to life when the guys had it wrapped up in a blanket and brought to overexposure to the curator jireh.

Then people understand – still will fight for you, baby …

Problems: and how to solve?

Home baby looked and found a few problems: disturbed coordination, and twisted his head to one side. The braiding of the legs could be a consequence of hypothermia, but that head? A stroke? Stress? Inflammation of the middle ear? Or, God forbid, cancer?

Volunteers speculated …

Capocci (aka Capitolina, as they are called her girls-curators) is in need of examination by a specialist neurologist. But money is sorely lacking! In the hands of volunteers, there were some heavy animal: spinalnaya ksyushka with a fracture of the spine, saved the chain Chihuahua rainbow, Daisy with epilepsy, profound allergies Bonechka … And all needed emergency treatment!

Fortunately, Maria was ready to support the baby, provided financial assistance and several other caring people. And Capa was taken to a doctor.

Vet said the ear infection and sent the dog on an MRI. The tests showed no cancer! Yay! The problem was in one of the cervical discs.

The volunteers breathed out, too early. This problem KAPE recommended surgery, but the age of the dog to survive surgery is absolutely difficult!

In addition, some experts argued that without the surgery, Capa will be able to live a full life. However, there was also the risk that the hind legs would eventually give up …

The curators of Capa did not know what to do. But again, everything was decided by Providence!

Happiness of the “little quack inchworm”

About KAPE (that’s what the repost!). The Swiss were terribly outraged, as did pekinskoj its owners. And then one of the interviewees, a teacher, expressed a desire to take Cepochku to her forever!

Wheezing and hoarse barking ... From forest ditches, neck-deep in water, staring "buttons" baby Pekingese!

She sent a disc with the examination of the dog foreign veterinarians, with the result that it was decided that the dog did not operate. But after a few days it could be passed on permanent residence!

Little orange baby began to prepare for a long flight via Germany. Got her a carrier, I bought filling, recovered otitis …))

And now curator Milena carries the tray to the subway. But there, among the crowd, Capusa tries “to show off”.

“The food in the subway.” In the hands of the carrier.

“Quack-quack” again … All looked around.

Repeated persistent “honk-honk-Honk”.

All are continuously looked for portability.

There was something hairy. People started to wonder …

“Duck?”, “You do that, piggy in there ??” – enthusiastically wail standing next to girls … “

“Open the door carrying, and there …

Dark dark dark Wyswietla head on one side, all hairy as Bigfoot, black muzzle, his eyes on vypusku and mosandl flat as a pancake … Smiling all toothy mouth and crawling towards it. Grandmother in the carriage crossed themselves … And Cap it all – “quack” …)) “

Clearly, the mood of Pekinese was the combat!)

And here she is home. Around a private courtyard, the open air, three new girlfriends (all dogs the hostess took crippled, handicapped, and slowly nursed at home). The other family the teacher was not, therefore, all her love she gave to my Pets!

Now the tray is all, even own a stroller, where she rests from life’s labors!

Her hair was cut and created a new image. All modern Capa-mindy!))

Wheezing and hoarse barking ... From forest ditches, neck-deep in water, staring "buttons" baby Pekingese!Pensive Princess only sleeps on the pillow with my mom. )

Here, in principle. And what do you need for a wonderful, happy ending?

Like everything in life wonderful happens: yesterday you’re useless and die in the gutter – and today

Tale, is not it? Tale. That just made her human hands! Very caring and a little bit magical.

More such wizards, right? ..)


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