The tragedy of “Mumu” can be repeated in Nakhodka

Crew members of a fishing trawler “Mechanic Romance” from an upcoming 10-day quarantine is forced to stay on the ship. But they were on a flight six months. The ship was allowed to dock, but the crew was forced to stay on the trawler because of the puppies. This was reported by RIA VladNews.

The tragedy of "Mumu" can be repeated in Nakhodka

On the Internet this story is given the name: “Mumu” of the XXI century.

Puppies, born on Board the trawler “Mechanic Romana” first was the reason for the ban: the ship was denied entrance to the Free port of Vladivostok to Nakhodka. Then cause conflict among the crew. The owner of the vessel, due to downtime, incurs losses, the sailors are not released from the trawler, puppies can be taught only on may 1.

The Rosselkhoznadzor had previously made the administrative report for infringement of the rules of the quarantine of animals in their Trustee reports “DPS Control” with reference to the news Agency PrimaMedia.

“We talked with Viktor Kucherenko (rescued puppies), and I realized that he’s desperate. The crew against him, they were not six months from their families and want to go home, someone bought tickets, and then they had to stay because of the Animal ashore without vaccination can not produce “, – the zoodefender told from Nakhodka Elena Chugunova.

Victor common seaman, servile people. He told me that he had been there, had been asked the crew from the responsible people. He said that he would go sailing with them

Publication of details of the development case “Mumu” has caused a wave of indignation of the Internet users.

Read and think, what happened to the people in our country. If he had not been rescued by the dog, was the charge of humanity and cruelty; saved the puppies, too bad – sink ’em, they’ re without vaccination, although in Korea they did. Down and out idiocy. You stray dogs are not vaccinated

Five days fishing vessel “Mechanic Romance” was forced to drift at the port in Nakhodka for hand-picked in Korea puppies.

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