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The story of a cunning and vengeful cat

Last night, my mom calls and complains about the cat, promising to pack it in a parcel and send to me, because “you brought home this mess!”. In the morning, gave it to food: put crumbs and seeds to the sparrows in the bird feeder for the balcony and put a regular 6 (six!) Plates cat.

The story of a cunning and vengeful cat

And boy (I mean cat) will poclet with one plate or the other – and well-fed. And dish seems untouched. A country cat, which it is for the sake of the winter’s cramming, that it’s the same cat . “

However, in the March-April season of the cat walks, he loses weight to a translucent state, and the mother then pays on the alimony, but that’s another story.

So, mom was wandering around the kitchen, when the room suddenly rattled TERRIBLY. When she galloped into the room, on her couch leaped a fat cat.

Mother, not understanding, waved his arms to stand in one place, and suddenly one hand accidentally caught a Sparrow!

The cat turned out to be found in other ways to get to the top of the body.

Hanging on her cat mother clutched under my arm, and dragged all this mess on the balcony. The cat hissed, spat, we are waving clawed paws and in the end, in impotent rage bit her chin.

Sparrow levels and crapped in her hand. Maman successfully dragged all this stuff to the balcony, let the Sparrow and threw on the floor the cat.

Sparrow something angrily shouted and went about their business; a cat, resentfully pulling back, he withdrew. The results of the rescue operation: a Sparrow. Cat a and angry.

Mom stripped, pissed on, bitten, isclean and incredibly evil. The apartment is in a devastated condition.

But that’s not all …

The evening of make-up, she wanted to change her father’s pajama pants elastic band.

Mom had cut the gum, but then I started some series, and the pants were safely forgotten. The cat looked at the matter, took teeth end gum, pulled and slammed her palm.

Maman silently protested, but outwardly did not react – said that she was wondering what will happen next.

Cat like jumped to the side, then, seeing no reaction, he returned, pulled the elastic band and slapped her palm again. Mother does not respond. Cat ofigel from such a scenario.

Again took the end of the gum to the teeth and backed away. Here is the mother of the rubber band and let go! Cat got rubber on the nose, jumped on the spot, he hissed and snatched her hand! And then she still calls me and complains! That’s another question, who should complain.

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