Recreation & Pets In the animal world The dog was walking 3 miles to bring people to their puppies

The dog was walking 3 miles to bring people to their puppies

Once a young girl named Leanne Powell from Spain, working as a psychologist, was returning home from work. On the street she saw and picked up a dog with broken legs.

Compassionate the unfortunate girl was taken to the vet and thought that the story will end. She did not know that all only begins!

For a vet found the animal behaved very restless, whined, fussed and tried to leave the room. The doctor knew what was wrong and what was wrong with the dog. Putting on poor leash, Lianna along with a doctor went after her.

In spite of the pain in his paws, an animal. After more than three kilometers, Lianna and the doctor finally realized that he wanted to show them a dog. In a secluded spot outside the city, who was very happy to see your mom!

The dog was walking 3 miles to bring people to their puppies

It should be noted that all children were healthy, they did not even have lice and fleas, so typical for any street dogs! Most likely, someone dumped a pregnant poor woman right on the street, say the doctors of the veterinary clinic. And then, or in negligence (the dog was clearly not suited for life outside the home), or the fault of some sadistic animal “grabbed” in the bargain and broken legs. The fact that she and her were offspring were able to save – now you are lucky, confident doctor.

The real mother, who first of all, in spite of the pain, think about children, called Faith. She is now being treated in one of the clinics in Spain. Leanne Powell is so imbued with the incident, from his pocket to pay for the treatment of four-legged heroine. Her pups are with her.

Kids are in no danger, they are completely healthy and completely happy, they are just decided to keep close to mom. As soon as Faith gets better, along with her puppies will give to the local orphanage, where volunteers will wait until the offspring grows into adult and independent dogs. After that, they will want to take home a dog.

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