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Don’t push these beetles: they are listed in the Red book and is very important for all of us!

Important warning. The bugs, the deer, and bugs-rhinoceroses belong to the endangered species of insects.

Funny dogs caught in an embarrassing situation that will bring a smile

Dogs — wonderful animals! But it’s not always behave seriously and intelligently. But compared to

To the rescue has the right any dog, even if she’s not a dog

To the rescue has the right any dog, even if she is not a dog.

17 evidence that a kind word is nice only dog, but cats are still (18 photos)

"A kind word and a cat is nice" folk wisdom says. These photos show cat

Two children and four dogs in one family

In this world there is nothing better than dogs. And while many of us love

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The Siberian husky is a very friendly and calm breed. However, these dogs are sometimes

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“I want to fly!” Very fat cat mittens makes a cute feats)

This cat’s name is Bronson, and he’s fat. He lives inside a romantic that wants

In the open pit in Murmansk failed dog

In Murmansk rescuers took a stray dog that fell into an open well. After rescuing

Good boy: why we shouldn’t anthropomorphize Pets

For many people animals, be it dogs or cats, the most important thing in their