The good intentions of my wife feeding the homeless dogs costly

My wife is a passionate lover of animals. At home we live two dogs and

Hilarious photos of wildlife, who conquered the world

Comedy Wildlife Awards have published the best pictures of their finalists. The contest was established

Alton. An amazing story about the dog that hit all of his actions

An amazing story about a very smart dog, stunned all with her act. Alton was

Firefighters tried to knock down the cat using the hose

In the Tver region firefighters participated in the rescue of a cat stuck on the

Referendum: the Russians without a government to decide the fate of pension reform

The Russians will decide the fate of pension reform in the referendum The Communists initiated

A letter with a big request from little mice!

Saint-Petersburg! Hello People! I write to you brother and sister. My name is aksiniya (Asya),

Blind kitten immediately fall in love with the Savior

He just curled on his neck and stayed there … then I realized, “Well, that’s

Pets who saved their owners

Of course, our smaller brethren need protection person. However, sometimes they become the guardian angels