My red fate!

My red fate!

It is the cat Timur. In November 2017, it threw us into the entrance, and more than a month he lived there. Search masters result has not brought.

At first he was nice and gullible, but gradually lost weight. I am an absolute and a born dog, never thought I would get a cat, but MY cat came and found me.

We became friends, he showed me his secret place in the stairwell, which did not know no one to feed the cat. And when the situation began to deteriorate and was threatened with.

My red fate!

And in the New Year, thanks to him, there was a General festive mood, which was not, and again believe in miracles! Timur was the first of the family who got a real new year’s gift, brought him his neighbours.

We are now preparing for the world Cup, let’s support our national team, but that is a separate story.

My red fate!

Timur is a very smart, understands a lot of what you say. Friendly and loving, but communication with it must be earned! Very active, like me, I would have been hard with a cat that sleeps all day or sits on the knees. And anyway, there are a lot of dog’s characters.

Destiny. My red fate 🙂

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