Khimki contact the zoo was opened after hibernation

Reindeer Boris and his friends at the contact zoo returned to Khimki walls. All winter the animals spent in the Yaroslavl zoo. And with the arrival of the spring they were again brought to the suburbs.

Llamas, goats, peacocks pleasing to inhabitants of Khimki. Pets are so missed by visitors that gladly allowed himself to be stroked and fed.

Khimki contact the zoo was opened after hibernation

Lahm after hibernation started mating season, so they can spit. Goats before the summer shed, and some animal families look forward to the addition. Animals recently returned from Yaroslavl zoo, where they spent every winter.

Gorgeous wintered. The animals came back cheerful, happy, and some even have been an issue. It’s rabbits and some bird of

– Konstantin Rubinsky, press Secretary MAUK, joint management of parks.

Reindeer Boris – a favorite of the guests of the zoo. His cage is always crowded. But Bora did not weary. On the contrary, loves company. And if you still offer him oatmeal, it’s a reason for friendship.

Khimki contact the zoo was opened after hibernation

Except for deer in the petting zoo, where goats, sheep, ponies, sheep, rabbits, polecats, raccoon dogs, pheasants, peacocks, kangaroos. This is not a circus or a normal zoo. Here you can feed and pet.

Only macaques are forced to sit in warm houses and it’s sad to look out the window. This is a necessary measure. But as soon as they become warmer, they can also be fed with bananas with.

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