Katya grieved for his dead cat … But once she saw it in the underpass

How to cope with the loss of a pet? Anyone who has ever lost a four-leg friend, knows how hard it is …

Catherine Krasnoyarova lost his beloved cat. The cat died from cancer of the spinal cord. The girl was very worried and crying … somehow empty and it was quiet in the house without the purring koteyki.

Katya grieved for his dead cat ... But once she saw it in the underpass

Of course, Kate did not give up, making every effort to cure the baby. But the vets just shrugged, saying that to help her already nothing. Alas, nine years later, their friendship kitties did not!


One day Catherine came home from work, Recalling her Purring and grieving.

When the girl came down to the underpass, her attention was attracted to a man who collected donations for cats at the shelter. The money was spent on the food.

Of course, Kate could not just pass by. Coming closer, she began to consider the kids who sat next to the man. Among the fairly well-fed Butuzov she saw a small, fragile and thin cotescu, which was an exact copy of the dead Katina humming!

Are there also such coincidences? The girl’s heart first sank and then leaped with gladness! Here it is – the solution to the problem.

Katya grieved for his dead cat ... But once she saw it in the underpass

Catherine decided to take the baby home! She carefully wrapped her in my coat, warming Kotaku its warmth.

The house is fully warmed up. However, when the girl brought the baby to the vet, he said that baby is so exhausted that it is unlikely to survive. But Katya did not give up!

It’s been seven months … Skinny and weak the kitten not only survived, but turned into a beautiful, well-nourished cat that Catherine called Majosha.

Well, can we really believe that this amazing story – coincidence? It seems to us that the girl and the cat were supposed to meet!

What do you think?)


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