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How to wean cat shit.

I work at a pet store. And often people come with a problem, and then slip on peekaboo posts with such questions. I want to dispel some myths and share the experience. The article will call a spade a spade.

Let’s start with the myths.

1. Shat by nataki face in poop!

The cat – creature is not very intelligent. The logical chain "poop – wrong place – right place – praise" it is not available. A cat will understand only "pooppin". And begin to hide them, each time farther and farther behind the cupboard, under the bath, on the stove, buried in a sack of sugar, and you for many years can not find the source of the stench.

2. Shits in sneaker takes revenge on bad people!

Amazing, but … the cat shits in the sneaker the fact that it offends someone, to make peace! The cat walks by himself, but in the same area can coexist a few individuals who can remain neutral or to create pride. Label – normal way of communicating. You have surely seen the neighborhood of the cats. You have surely seen the neighborhood. Cats beat homemade or came from another area. And trying to leave their scent, mixed with your – so you got used to it and took the cat to the group. Sneakers, clothes, your bed – everything smells of you, the easiest way is there to create a General smell. Cat shit in the sneaker – do not punish, and caress and love. Can in the tray to go to show respect)))

3. Neutered – zhivoderstvo! Manhood! Systematisch!

My dear! Do not project our human feelings on animals, cats are not experiencing the happiness of motherhood and sex, cats too. They are driven only instincts and reflexes. Zhivoderstvo – to keep the apartment intact nepremenno animal to poison him with hormones and forced to suffer from the constant "wishlist" – the cat is in heat 10 days in a month, and the cat can be smell a kilometer away – and the neighborhood, and basement cats, it’s like a healthy man to send on a womens nudist beach to put on a chain and tie the hands . Unmet needs are a great stress for any creature health problems, and the eternal marks throughout the apartment in both males and females. More merciful to deprive the animal of these needs in childhood. Now castrated from 3 months of age, the animal is playful, affectionate, knows sexual aggression and frustration, lives longer on average for three years, and not pissing in the corners.

With myths understood. Next question: how to teach cat to the tray and what to do if shit past the tray. Start with the most common causes. We will focus on healthy animals.

1. Accustom the kitten.

Kittens begin to learn from wood pulp or filler – they are safe if the kitten eats, in any case not with the silica gel. The kitten ate and after a few minutes started beeping, go around the corners – put in a tray, digging paws. Went past – take the still warm turd and put in a tray, clean – kitten, he will start to dig. Started writing – just the process put in the tray. Written by sprinkle filling, pour into the tray. Pet kittens usually teaches the mother cat, in this case it is better to use the same filler as the old owners, ask them to pour straight from the pan.

2. Empty the tray.

Cats do not like the empty tray. It’s like human toilet paper. The animal need to bury feces, so a large predator found them by smell. If the tray is empty, then it begins to dig in the master’s belongings, documents, cereals and sugar in the pantry.

3. Filler.

Best go to clumping fillers – they are similar to earth. Pipebench, Everklin of honey, Zoonik, Pussycat cheap. Expensive better hold the smell, so cats are better to go cheap must often change. If there is a problem, it’s better to take the pipebench, it’s all go, and when the cat will be fine to walk. Absorbing too good. In wood, sometimes, to get to a certain brand – Clean Feet, Happy Feet, Hugo, Zoonik, and so forth, than males are guided – I do not know, wood I guess. The silica gel keeps the smell kills germs, but it is necessary to accustom gradually, and many do not fit – tunic legs and snaps in the process of absorption. Even got corn some suitable. First, take Pipeband for a week, if does not help – put four trays with different fillings, and cat will choose.

4. The cleanliness of the tray.

You go in dirty shitty toilet? That cat will not go. He will not walk in the wet or smelly. Place two tray for small businesses and large.

5. Tray itself.

Tray too small or unstable, or stinking. Males sometimes like to pee standing up, they use a closed tray, similar to a carrier. And generally closed the tray – filler is not scattered, there is no smell, the cat’s personal toilet.

6. The location of the tray.

You are pleased to sit on the potty in the hallway where they all go? So the cat is unpleasant. Should be a quiet place. if the corridor is the only option, take a closed tray. Even if the cat began to walk past the tray.

7. Other Pets.

The dominant cat can chase down the weak, not to allow to go to the toilet in peace. Provide each animal with his tray. Dog. hamsters, and other animals – see paragraph "Shit in sneakers".

8. The nervous atmosphere in the house.

The scandals, intrigues, investigation, small children, the repair may scare the animal and it begins to mark territory, to feel like a master. Or just pissing from fear.

Separately write about health. If the cat is hurt to go to the toilet. As one tries to turn from side to side, so less ill. If you changed the litter, the tray and seat, it could be a number of diseases.

All the love and cats! Pictures from the Internet.

Forgot your very important point – ANIMALS WITH REMOVED CLAWS BEGIN to WALK BY !!! Often that happens. The cat gets painful to stand on the pads, it hurts to dig, filler, claws is the fingers, not the nails. Better to cut or put special "manicure" not cripple the animal.

How to wean cat shit.

How to wean cat shit.


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