Recreation & Pets In the animal world During a storm, a woman sheltered a stray cat, and he

During a storm, a woman sheltered a stray cat, and he

A week ago a resident of Malaysia Ravita hurried home from his office. In the streets raged a tropical storm with wind and heavy rain and when Ravita noticed a skinny stray ginger cat that was soaking wet.

The cat started to run after the woman with Ravity flinch.

"She was completely wet and frozen and I thought that I would not lose anything if I gave her shelter for the night".

In appearance it was a young cat, probably six months old. When she got to the house, Ravity, after a bath and hearty meal.

"She was superlasciva from the very first day and crumpling legs, my knees, all the while purring. Before her probably no one was stroking, she was a stray and nobody wanted the cat. Her life on the streets was difficult, but now it’s all right".

Revite through the day I had to be back at work on 12-hour shift and she did not know what to do with a cat. But everything happened happened by itself. The woman took the cat with him to work and she did not give her any problems. The main thing for cats to be around this woman.

"Then I realized that I should leave her. This cat definitely found me and chose me as its master".

Ravita gave the cat a nickname Puripuri (FurryPurry) for the fact that the cat often purrs loudly and now the cat became a permanent member of the family Ravity. She is very attached to her and goes running everywhere in heels.

"She likes to come in my bed before sleep and falls under the arms so I hugged her. And when I fall asleep, she climbs under the blanket".

During a storm, a woman sheltered a stray cat, and hesource


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