Recreation & Pets In the animal world Dolphin was fond of the chase for the fish and crashed into sapserver

Dolphin was fond of the chase for the fish and crashed into sapserver

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A funny incident occurred on the coast of the city of Graytown (Australia) on April 27. 54-year-old surfer and sapserver Andrew hill decided to take a ride on the waves, but one of the passing dolphins so engrossed in chasing fish, he did not notice the man and crashed into him.

Stepanenko: "Minus 37 pounds and no plastic!" To burn 7 kg a week, brew …

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Blind dog and his guide dog were reunited

12-year-old Dachshund O. J. and 6-year-old pit bull blue dozer made friends from the first day of Dating. In addition, the blue dozer has become a real guide. Unfortunately, the first owner of the dogs left homeless, so had to leave. Pets in the shelter of Richmond. Soon other …

Funny and cute video about dogs – the beginning of may

https: // watch? v = tiyLCtW9TG8

The woman in love with a cat from a video

You may already know the story of Freyja, a stray cat that needed help. Out of desperation the cat jumped into the car in the lake city, Utah. But it is unlikely. Before the cat even has a name, she lived on the street and walked on the side …

Here are 10 amazing facts about the animal, which was recently under the threat of extinction

Living in the mountains of Central and South Asia, the snow leopard has been faced with the threat of extinction. Although it was worth noting that efforts to preserve wildlife were not in vain, and the last time, snow leopard was excluded from the list of animals under threat of extinction. In September …

Little Skoda

My favorite Princess. Her sister found very tiny, with her palm, somewhere in the Leningrad region, one immediately took. And this girl was out, and my friend, knowing I love cats, offered to take her 10 days to overexposure until you find owners. Only with some difficulty …

One day she fell from the 7th floor, and here’s how that turned out …

2016 my husband and I decided to give her daughter a kitten. Come along to the shelter, and she chose the tri-color girl 2-2. 5 months. We called her the bead (bubbles). The first couple of days were just under the bed of the child was strongly zashugannyh. But then he adapted, learned to walk …

In order to communicate, the two neighbors were digging holes under the fence. And then their owners decided to take this step

Potatoes – an adorable dog who was found on the street. Haley and her husband fell in love with this beautiful puppy and decided to him. In addition, they have a big back yard where the Potato can run and play all day. When the dog settled into a new home and a new family …

Here’s what might happen if the little Terrier will fall in love with the Rottweiler

Sometimes “hunting” Cupids can lead to very unexpected results. It happened in our history … Teresa Patterson who was the owner Joey (West highland white Terrier) and charming Zara (Rottweiler) was shocked when she realized that her Zara pregnant. “Joey’s only …

Bear stood up to protect the mother from pursuing drivers

Terrible tempered very young master of the taiga, caught in Yakutia truck drivers while walking on the road in the company of his mother. Do not remove the small defender in the video, the men just could not. During recording the kid and showed character: when the driver in …

Dolphin was fond of the chase for the fish and crashed into sapserver

40 pictures of Samoyeds who will cheer you up

Samoyed is a great pet for the family. This ancient breed has a lively, playful character and so friendly that it was called dog ulybakoy. And the relationship of the Samoyed to children in the General is beyond praise, and he is a good watchman. Before you pictures of the white fuzzies.

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