Recreation & Pets In the animal world Cats are different, and Felix was a cat guard

Cats are different, and Felix was a cat guard

Cats are different, and Felix was a cat guard

Lived my neighbor, Ivan Emelyanovich, cat. Yard, and though it does not remarkable, but nice and neat. Emelya himself (as many called him) was neither high nor low, but rather average height. Was not full or thin, but rather he belonged to what is called a man of large, athletic build. Long have they been together with the cat lived, and were true friends. Every summer Emelya took Felix to his Villa, and left there to live in nature, where it belongs. To feed I was asked by a neighbor, and he often visited. At the dacha the cat had something to do! He catches mice, running around with other cats around the village, they fought, of course, sometimes, and without it, but to Felix, it seems even liked it. Felix blossomed, it seemed very different than in the city where he always was sad, and hardly went out. And then, although he had the opportunity to get into the house, but he used this opportunity very rarely. Tried, apparently, to work up over the summer for the whole year. Calls once a neighbor to the cottage before work to check your pet. Found him, fed, chores finished, he sat down on the track. He sits on the bench in front of the house, and the cat jumps up to him and asks to be stroked, scratched. Cuddle the cat, a breath Emelya and went about his business. On the way he suddenly remembered that he had left on the bench bag with important documents. Got scared, thought someone could already adapt to their own needs, has attached legs in a draw and forgotten thing. Turned around Yes rushed back to the cottage. But he drove to the site, as before him appeared the picture… Shop, it has a bag, and sitting next to a cat, like guarding this bag, which was lost by the owner. Emelya to him, and the cat says something, constantly meowing, as if pronouncing the man: “What are you, the owner, his things spread out, forcing me to watch them instead of me walking to go…?” Patted him Emelya, thanked him, took his bag. Only the cat saw ran somewhere in their village Affairs. Looking him in the trail, Emelya was 99% sure (because I believe with difficulty) that the cat really was guarding the bag and waited, when the owner will pick it up. “Cats are different, and the guard probably just me” — decided Emelya and being deeply impressed (his words) went to work. And the story that he whole village 10 times, probably, already told. In his own cat impressed. Source



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