Recreation & Pets In the animal world Behind an iron door was heard the cry … to get a kitten

Behind an iron door was heard the cry … to get a kitten

A desperate cry came from behind the iron doors …

“What is it? Someone exactly needs help!” – thought Nastia Evert heard a plaintive cry.

It was the middle of the night. It was a cold, dank autumn. Anastasia awoke to the fact that someone else was crying. Heartbreaking to hear these sounds and do nothing was impossible!

Then the girl got out of bed, got dressed and went in search of the unknown “crybabies”. Coming out of the door.

Girl for about an hour. But the problem is, the door was sabudana bags of rubbish and sheets of foam, and on the reverse side. Only at the very bottom.

Anastasia tried to clean the debris from the outside, but their actions only frightened the kitten. Then in the course went soft words and even sausage, but the kid did not want to come out.

Had to go to the trick …

Then Anastasia came up with a brilliant idea! She picked up the phone and turned it purring cat. The kid thought that one of his mother, so soon, his tear-stained muzzle of the pet.

The girl immediately grabbed the baby and took it home, stroking and soothing …

Now the crybaby name was Thomas and, of course, he does not cry anymore. He was lucky – the Savior left the foundling home, will not want to part with it.

What would happen if she has not been down the middle of the night to the basement? The life of this koteyki never would be searchfiles as it is today …

Thanks to everyone who does good deeds!


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