Month: July 2018

Don’t push these beetles: they are listed in the Red book and is very important for all of us!

Important warning. The bugs, the deer, and bugs-rhinoceroses belong to the endangered species of insects.

Humanity! The man rolls an old dog on a cart, helping her to live simply

A couple of days ago, the network spread through the touching video, which can be

Floating in the kayak, the British saved the drowning little badger

A Resident Of Cornwall (Southwest England) Tom Wildblood sailed on his kayak in the ocean

Egyptian zoo decided to cheat visitors by giving donkeys for zebras

The zoo in Cairo (Egypt) came under an avalanche of criticism after he lied to

A man installs a night vision camera to see who brings him the newspaper

“Without pictures nobody would believe, I assure you.” Last week something very strange happened with

Good boy: why we shouldn’t anthropomorphize Pets

For many people animals, be it dogs or cats, the most important thing in their

In the open pit in Murmansk failed dog

In Murmansk rescuers took a stray dog that fell into an open well. After rescuing

“I want to fly!” Very fat cat mittens makes a cute feats)

This cat’s name is Bronson, and he’s fat. He lives inside a romantic that wants

Husky said that she will now be swimming. The dog threw a real tantrum!

The Siberian husky is a very friendly and calm breed. However, these dogs are sometimes