Month: May 2018

In the Ukraine, stray dogs broke into the zoo and killed alpacas – video

On the set of CCTV camera you can see how some dogs run through the

Today it became known cause of the fire, which killed 15 dogs

In the Zaporozhye region, in the private house there was a fire, which burned alive

Dejected dog dragged in a box with a strange inscription. People came to sympathize with – and oops!

We often hear about dogs. One of them is immensely beautiful, someone who saves people,

The girl was rescued Brownie, but a year later it was waiting for a big surprise!

Little Justina Stratilat found this kitten and fell in love with him at first sight.

Two males became fathers of half of the pups in a population of killer whales

A flock of populations of the southern resident whales. In the foreground – L41, one

The rescue of the Fox, smeared in automotive fuels

Last week in the Scottish society for the protection of animals (SPCA) hit a six-week

The tragedy of “Mumu” can be repeated in Nakhodka

Crew members of a fishing trawler “Mechanic Romance” from an upcoming 10-day quarantine is forced

Interesting facts about black cats: observations of the people and of the conclusion of the theses

Among all Pets, the most difficult relationships in humans with cats. On the one hand,