Katya grieved for his dead cat … But once she saw it in the underpass

How to cope with the loss of a pet? Anyone who has ever lost a four-leg friend, knows how hard it is …

Catherine Krasnoyarova lost his beloved cat. The cat died from cancer of the spinal cord. The girl was very worried and crying … somehow empty and it was quiet in the house without the purring koteyki.

Katya grieved for his dead cat ... But once she saw it in the underpass

Of course, Kate did not give up, making every effort to cure the baby. But the vets just shrugged, saying that to help her already nothing. Alas, nine years later, their friendship kitties did not!


One day Catherine came home from work, Recalling her Purring and grieving.

When the girl came down to the underpass, her attention was attracted to a man who collected donations for cats at the shelter. The money was spent on the food.

Of course, Kate could not just pass by. Coming closer, she began to consider the kids who sat next to the man. Among the fairly well-fed Butuzov she saw a small, fragile and thin cotescu, which was an exact copy of the dead Katina humming!

Are there also such coincidences? The girl’s heart first sank and then leaped with gladness! Here it is – the solution to the problem.

Katya grieved for his dead cat ... But once she saw it in the underpass

Catherine decided to take the baby home! She carefully wrapped her in my coat, warming Kotaku its warmth.

The house is fully warmed up. However, when the girl brought the baby to the vet, he said that baby is so exhausted that it is unlikely to survive. But Katya did not give up!

It’s been seven months … Skinny and weak the kitten not only survived, but turned into a beautiful, well-nourished cat that Catherine called Majosha.

Well, can we really believe that this amazing story – coincidence? It seems to us that the girl and the cat were supposed to meet!

What do you think?)


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Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.

Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.

Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.region!

Urgent! Looking for a house or overexposure to 4 little kittens!

Very small and thin are living in terrible conditions in the basement of an apartment house in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. Petersburg.


https: // vk.com/ wall-19158506_213241? z =video62738980_45623947

Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.

Babies about 1.5 months, eat on their own. Timid kittens, but the hands come close. At home will instantly become mortality!

Friends, help these babies! … They are in danger, they can drive on the street or poisoned, because not everyone is like that kids run around on the porch: (((

Please help overexposure! We will provide kittens with all necessary and organized by PR.

+7 911 924-84-74, Hope or VC vk.com/nadya_volkova

Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.

Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.Keywords: looking for a friend, cocotherapy, Kote, Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg

The story of a cunning and vengeful cat

Last night, my mom calls and complains about the cat, promising to pack it in a parcel and send to me, because “you brought home this mess!”. In the morning, gave it to food: put crumbs and seeds to the sparrows in the bird feeder for the balcony and put a regular 6 (six!) Plates cat.

The story of a cunning and vengeful cat

And boy (I mean cat) will poclet with one plate or the other – and well-fed. And dish seems untouched. A country cat, which it is for the sake of the winter’s cramming, that it’s the same cat . “

However, in the March-April season of the cat walks, he loses weight to a translucent state, and the mother then pays on the alimony, but that’s another story.

So, mom was wandering around the kitchen, when the room suddenly rattled TERRIBLY. When she galloped into the room, on her couch leaped a fat cat.

Mother, not understanding, waved his arms to stand in one place, and suddenly one hand accidentally caught a Sparrow!

The cat turned out to be found in other ways to get to the top of the body.

Hanging on her cat mother clutched under my arm, and dragged all this mess on the balcony. The cat hissed, spat, we are waving clawed paws and in the end, in impotent rage bit her chin.

Sparrow levels and crapped in her hand. Maman successfully dragged all this stuff to the balcony, let the Sparrow and threw on the floor the cat.

Sparrow something angrily shouted and went about their business; a cat, resentfully pulling back, he withdrew. The results of the rescue operation: a Sparrow. Cat a and angry.

Mom stripped, pissed on, bitten, isclean and incredibly evil. The apartment is in a devastated condition.

But that’s not all …

The evening of make-up, she wanted to change her father’s pajama pants elastic band.

Mom had cut the gum, but then I started some series, and the pants were safely forgotten. The cat looked at the matter, took teeth end gum, pulled and slammed her palm.

Maman silently protested, but outwardly did not react – said that she was wondering what will happen next.

Cat like jumped to the side, then, seeing no reaction, he returned, pulled the elastic band and slapped her palm again. Mother does not respond. Cat ofigel from such a scenario.

Again took the end of the gum to the teeth and backed away. Here is the mother of the rubber band and let go! Cat got rubber on the nose, jumped on the spot, he hissed and snatched her hand! And then she still calls me and complains! That’s another question, who should complain.

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Why cats carry in the teeth of newborn kittens from a customized place

Why cats carry in the teeth of newborn kittens from a customized place

I think many cat owners have faced a rather unusual problem – I just gave birth to the cat starts frantically to drag the kittens seem to be comfortable and convenient place somewhere.

Why cats carry in the teeth of newborn kittens from a specially prepared place, read more …

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7 years breeder forced her to give birth to puppies! When he decided to take the dog to the shelter, she never wanted to live

Very sorry that no pets can choose their owners …

… So often be in the hands of people who should never have Pets!

The dog, which we now describe, name is Fergie. For seven years she lived with a breeder who is not very worried about her health.

7 years breeder forced her to give birth to puppies! When he decided to take the dog to the shelter, she never wanted to live

The animal did not receive any care. Fergie deaf, lost an eye and could barely walk due to deformed legs and terrible arthritis!

The saddest thing is that the breeder was all arranged until the day before she could give birth to puppies!

Luckily, the breeder we put him under Fergie, and sent her to a shelter. The West Suburban Humane Society.

The frightened animal, being in unfamiliar surroundings, confused and tried to hide in the far corner of the room … the Dog stopped eating, drinking and was constantly shaking from fear.

The shelter staff realized that the animal has no place in these walls, otherwise nothing good comes of it. Fergie lucky – pretty soon there is a good woman who was willing to give the dog a temporary foster home!

Woman, sheltered the poor, name is Jenny. She says that the animal literally shone with joy as soon as I crossed the threshold of her house.

7 years breeder forced her to give birth to puppies! When he decided to take the dog to the shelter, she never wanted to live

The dog is in love with a new home where he has lived two bulldog. Pets immediately felt a mutual sympathy for each other and quickly became friends. By the way, Fergie, as the oldest among them, decided to be the main dog in the family.

Soft puppies

We know that the breeder is kept grabbing at the poor dog’s puppies, but she desperately missed her children …

In the new house Fergie touched the owner is very nice thing to do. She chose three soft plush.

It turned out that Fergie is a very strong maternal instinct! Not only that, she cares for three of her “plush puppy”, so she can still care for the Georgia bulldogs and Lincoln!

By the way, before arriving at the house, Fergie Lincoln often cried at night due to the fact that he had nightmares. But then the owner Pets moved maturation Fergie closer to the bed of Lincoln, and he calmed down!

When Fergie fully recovered, it became clear that it was possible to find her a permanent home.

The volunteers posted a touching story about a dog in Facebook, and soon, the cub wanted to take! A girl named Edissa Bulgac admits that she fell in love with Fergie already on the photo alone …

The girl was very worried that Fergie would take a bad move, but fears were unfounded! The dog was carried along by the favorite plush toys, so was completely calm, then the kids next.

7 years breeder forced her to give birth to puppies! When he decided to take the dog to the shelter, she never wanted to live

Fergie is constantly licking “puppies”, to carry them along all day. But if the dog suddenly lost one of the kids, she immediately began to cry! Then the new owner was in a hurry to find her “puppy” and return the baby toy. And Fergie once again began to Shine with happiness.

In the house, where he lives, our heroine, is a cat named Whiskey. Between these two, a well established relationship!

Since moving it’s been four years … Now the dog is 12 years old and she can not walk due to the aggravated arthritis. The owner of Fergie is a darling!

You know what the surprising? With the dog’s snout can not stop smiling! She’s obviously happy in this house …

Adisa admits that thank God for every minute spent beside a favorite! She hopes that Fergie will delight her with his presence more than one year …

Touching story, is not it?


https: //mur.tv/sem-let-zavodchik-zastavlyal-ee-rozhat-shhenk …

Behind an iron door was heard the cry … to get a kitten

A desperate cry came from behind the iron doors …

“What is it? Someone exactly needs help!” – thought Nastia Evert heard a plaintive cry.

It was the middle of the night. It was a cold, dank autumn. Anastasia awoke to the fact that someone else was crying. Heartbreaking to hear these sounds and do nothing was impossible!

Then the girl got out of bed, got dressed and went in search of the unknown “crybabies”. Coming out of the door.

Girl for about an hour. But the problem is, the door was sabudana bags of rubbish and sheets of foam, and on the reverse side. Only at the very bottom.

Anastasia tried to clean the debris from the outside, but their actions only frightened the kitten. Then in the course went soft words and even sausage, but the kid did not want to come out.

Had to go to the trick …

Then Anastasia came up with a brilliant idea! She picked up the phone and turned it purring cat. The kid thought that one of his mother, so soon, his tear-stained muzzle of the pet.

The girl immediately grabbed the baby and took it home, stroking and soothing …

Now the crybaby name was Thomas and, of course, he does not cry anymore. He was lucky – the Savior left the foundling home, will not want to part with it.

What would happen if she has not been down the middle of the night to the basement? The life of this koteyki never would be searchfiles as it is today …

Thanks to everyone who does good deeds!


https: //mur.tv/za-zheleznoj-dveryu-slyshalsya-plach-chtoby-v …

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Looking for a house. Peter.

Humble Wrapper … and that’s it. Kotka sooo quietly, timid, gentle, soft polosatenkie coat. Perhaps you are the same person, which is a Wrapper to trust. He is waiting and hoping!

Kitten neutered, vaccinated, healthy. It’s strictly in the tray. Age – about 1 year (D. R. 07/07/2017)

Call 8-921-347-77-66, Julia or write vk.com/ jula2609 (via friend)

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Keywords: looking for a friend, cocotherapy, Kote, Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg

My red fate!

My red fate!

It is the cat Timur. In November 2017, it threw us into the entrance, and more than a month he lived there. Search masters result has not brought.

At first he was nice and gullible, but gradually lost weight. I am an absolute and a born dog, never thought I would get a cat, but MY cat came and found me.

We became friends, he showed me his secret place in the stairwell, which did not know no one to feed the cat. And when the situation began to deteriorate and was threatened with.

My red fate!

And in the New Year, thanks to him, there was a General festive mood, which was not, and again believe in miracles! Timur was the first of the family who got a real new year’s gift, brought him his neighbours.

We are now preparing for the world Cup, let’s support our national team, but that is a separate story.

My red fate!

Timur is a very smart, understands a lot of what you say. Friendly and loving, but communication with it must be earned! Very active, like me, I would have been hard with a cat that sleeps all day or sits on the knees. And anyway, there are a lot of dog’s characters.

Destiny. My red fate 🙂

Yuna Comarchive

40 hilarious photos of cats

Cats, Yes, take yourself together! How, in the end, to be obscene funny ?! No shame, no conscience.

1. King of the hill! More precisely, the king of baby …

40 hilarious photos of cats2. He is inventive in his ways to have Breakfast. Perhaps even too.

3. Master levitation level 80

40 hilarious photos of cats4. Had a cat, Jabba the Hutt. The mystic!

40 hilarious photos of cats

5. Finally we meet, my dear cat’s whisker!

40 hilarious photos of cats

6. Did not they learn this attitude from his master? In the clutches of not enough remote and a beer!

7. Hozyain choke, menau!

8. But the goal was so close

9. Another fan of human poses

10. But this is starting to get scary!

11. SHTA ?! You’re giving me a birthday felted mouse ?! Yes I she play.

12. I see the goal, believe in yourself …

13. Hi, boss. Let’s make a pie! Want today I’ll be your flour?

40 hilarious photos of cats14. AAAAAA GHOST !!!

40 hilarious photos of cats15. As you can see my stomach through IT ?!

16. In a previous life I was ginger ale …

40 hilarious photos of cats

17. BU. What? Scary?

40 hilarious photos of cats

18. It’s almost like the Bremen town musicians!

40 hilarious photos of cats19. Flawless selfie

20. Oh no. Get this baby. I do not want and can not do anything.

21. Live “do Not disturb”

40 hilarious photos of cats22. Guys, pick up the money and let’s go!

40 hilarious photos of cats23. Yes, I know, the hell are you staring at?

24. Stupid costume. Stupid snow. Stupid day.

25. Before I devour you, tell me what made you think that I look like a typewriter ?!

26. Maybe my purpose is to be a cat? Otherwise, why do I feel so good in the water?

27. We’re going, going, going to distant lands! Maybe in the not too distant … Well, until the next post – for sure!

28. Only I had not noticed … And the fact that they again asked me to take out the trash!

29. Some strange paws of this cat …

30. No, we never tortured kittens as their young!

31. See aliens, Murzik? No? .. I see!

32. Do you have a plan, gentlemen?

33. A new word in the aggregate state of the cats: cat liquid common

34. Come on, try to step on me, asshole. My trap is already set!

35 …. seriously ?!

36. And what are you waiting for? – Who the hell knows. – Well, then sit and also wait.

37. This cat is clearly Sodeistvye and Plotting.

38. And this obviously was the plan, but the execution let us down …

39. Come on, shake me, despicable servant.

40. And, of course, she’s Miss Cat’s Kiss of 2015!

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

A Resident Of The UK Lydia Ellery could not wait until finally comes time for her vacation, because she had wanted to go to Greece the island of Zakynthos. Prior to that, she never was in Greece.

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

Lydia has it in her dreams, as she luxuriates on the beach on the white sand under the warm rays of the Mediterranean sun. All of this was drastically different from her native Great Britain, where at that time often dull the cool rain.

From Greece Lydia had planned to come well rested and with a gorgeous tan. She did not know that she would bring with rest something, or rather someone else.

When Lydia arrived at Athens, she visited the beaches, cafes, local attractions and started to notice a lot of stray cats. This upset the girl, because many of the cats were groomed, fleas and fed on scraps from garbage dumps.

Lydia regretted not being able to save everyone and decided to help at least a small number of cats. She began to bring food and feed the street cats. Other tourists and local residents. Lydia approached one of the women.

She said she took custody of the little kitten out of the garbage and feeds it, but it’s time to leave and she’s afraid that without it, the kitten will die of starvation. She asked Lydia to look after the baby and called the place. where is this trash.

When Lydia walked over to the garbage cans, nearby, to her, because of the bags of garbage ran little kitten variegated color.

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

"He was only a few weeks. He lived in this place near the garbage and it was very dangerous. Kitty in search of food could climb into garbage bags and pickers along with the bags could throw it in the garbage truck".

Lydia could not take the kitten in my room, but twice a day she started to come to this place.

"I gave him pieces of fish and the kitten ate so greedily, as if he had never seen such food. Soon he was up to me and begged on his knees. We became friends".

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

Lydia gave the kitten a nickname for Geoffrey, but then she noticed it and found out. it’s a girl and then she called her Aggi (in honor of Agatha Christie).

When the time came to leave the island back to the UK, Lydia was worried about the fate of the kitten.

"I read that a lot of cats in Greece die when winter comes, because the winter is almost no tourists and no one feeds. I could not think about what aggie will suffer the same fate".

Lydia was decided to take the kitten home with her, but it turned out that it was not so easy to make and need a lot of documents and permits. Fortunately, the girl asked for help in the local organization of street animals "Zante Strays" and they agree to find aggie foster family.

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

But even arriving home and realizing that, aggie, most likely, will be well, Lydia could not stop thinking about the kitten and she still managed to bring the cat to the UK. I had to do for the sake of a kitten, a veterinary passport, vaccinations necessary to work hard, and then a few days to take the kitten at sea on the ship.

And finally, aggie was home with Lydia. Since then, a year has passed and aggi turned into an adult and healthy cat tortoiseshell coloring. She lives with Lydia and her mother in the suburbs and likes to walk in the garden and chasing butterflies.

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage canAggie was surprised to meet her first winter, in Greece she’d never seen snow, but she quickly got used to it.

"I do not want to think about what it would be with aggi "Zante Strays". She is a beautiful and unique little girl and very happy. I met her a year ago in may"- said Lydia Ellery.