Month: May 2018

Katya grieved for his dead cat … But once she saw it in the underpass

How to cope with the loss of a pet? Anyone who has ever lost a

Little skinny kittens in danger. Pray for urgent help.

Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.region! Urgent! Looking for a house or overexposure to 4 little

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Behind an iron door was heard the cry … to get a kitten

A desperate cry came from behind the iron doors … “What is it? Someone exactly

Perhaps you are the one person who he trust.

Looking for a house. Peter. Humble Wrapper … and that’s it. Kotka sooo quietly, timid,

My red fate!

It is the cat Timur. In November 2017, it threw us into the entrance, and

40 hilarious photos of cats

Cats, Yes, take yourself together! How, in the end, to be obscene funny ?! No

The Briton went on vacation to Greece and returned with a tiny kitten from garbage can

A Resident Of The UK Lydia Ellery could not wait until finally comes time for