Month: May 2018

How to wean cat shit.

I work at a pet store. And often people come with a problem, and then

Kangaroo not much happens: the hungry kangaroos attacked the employee of the reserve

The employee of the nature reserve, surrounded and inundated ten hungry kangaroos. Sounds scary, is

In Bashkiria kitty drove 100 kilometers under the hood of the car

Ravil Biktashev. The unusual. Arrival at the car. Ravil Biktashev plans today to go to

Charming Samoyed

Puffy, fluffy, snow-white running clouds, Samoyeds are the perfect family dogs! Sociable, friendly and playful

Dolphin was fond of the chase for the fish and crashed into sapserver

14 photos that prove that life with animals – it is still fun 15 animals

Anti-stress pictures that will cheer you up

There are times when something is not working when depressed, have lost hope. Do not

“Go to Osypenko save someone!” Two stories about how cool it changed the fate of the cat

They were waiting for this meeting with birth … Two different fates of the two

Two men went to 12-hour campaign to save a dog caught in a trap

Living in Taiwan Sean McCormack until recently and never thought about Hiking in the mountain.

Wheezing and hoarse barking … From forest ditches, neck-deep in water, staring “buttons” baby Pekingese!

Salvation “toy” Pekingese Days give way to a new day, and stories of rescue animals.

Friendly cat started to bring flowers to their neighbors

Friendly cat willow them. It tells a woman named Rosie , the cat lives in